We're the ones who don't sleep....

Wherever you are in life the moment you decide to chase your dreams

that exact moment is where your dreams start... 

So Dream Hard !!!

Special thanks to Jason Gibson at www.jreneephotos.com for "Cook-Up Show" photography.., also known as Jay-Renee, is a Dallas, Texas based Photographer and Creative Designer.  Although based in Dallas, he does travel around the United States in order to meet specific client needs. 

-DSH team

Special Thank you to Guns and Roses Boutique for hosting The Dallas "Cook-Up Show" Guns and Roses Boutique is the premiere unisex boutique that serves the culture with the hottest fashion, events and unique shopping experience. Located in the heart of Downtown Dallas 

-DSH team

Thank you to all the dreamers in the city of Dallas. Thanks for supporting our dream.

-DSH team

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